Webinar: Livestream (June 24) Tobacco Free Kids

Sunday, June 20, 2021

From Tobacco Free Kids:




Taking on the Toughest Fights Globally

Did you know that the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids works in dozens of countries around the world? Tobacco use is the top cause of preventable death worldwide – and our global programs focus on low- and middle-income countries, where over 80% of the world’s smokers live. Our support for proven solutions that reduce tobacco use and save lives has contributed to 139 countries that require graphic warning labels on tobacco packaging, 46 countries with tobacco ad bans, and 66 countries with smoke-free indoor public places – including all of South America! Altogether, this progress will help prevent over 35 million premature deaths.

On June 24th, we're holding a special virtual event that will provide an inside look at our global tobacco control story – and you're invited!

Taking on the Toughest Fights Globally is the second installment of our 25th Anniversary Storytelling Series. This event will feature speakers from five countries that have enacted tobacco control policies that led to substantial prevalence declines.