Santa Clara County Tobacco Control Needs Assessment

Thursday, December 17, 2020

From Santa Clara County Tobacco Control: 

Upcoming Community Needs Assessment Sessions:

As a reminder, in early 2021 we will be kicking off our Countywide Tobacco Control Needs Assessment community planning process – more formally called the Communities of Excellence (CX) in Tobacco Control. These meetings will be used to steer the direction for tobacco control work and resources for the next 3-years and need your participation in the process! In this process we’ll be assessing, scoring, and prioritizing various tobacco-related strategies. Your participation, input, and feedback directly shapes our efforts in the county. This is an opportunity to tell us what you feel is critical in addressing tobacco control in our county!


Please save the date for our session that will focus on tobacco cessation strategies on January 20, 2021 (we will be using our regular meeting time for this planning session from 3-4:30PM). Additional information about additional sessions and dates will be forthcoming!


Quick Needs Assessment Topic Survey – WE NEED YOUR INPUT NOW: https://www.surveyanalytics.com/t/AI0BdZOnTD

As a first step in this process, we need your input on identifying the 4 additional tobacco-related strategies to include as part of the CX needs assessment. As I mentioned in the coalition meeting, we are required to assess 17 strategies. Thirteen are set and required by the state (includes strategies to address secondhand smoke, tobacco product access, promotion, and flavors, as well as community and youth engagement), but there’s flexibility in selecting the additional 4. Please complete this quick survey and tell us what you would like to see included as part of the assessment process. The survey lists various tobacco-related strategies and so please select your top 4 options. Survey link: https://www.surveyanalytics.com/t/AI0BdZOnTD.


If you have any questions about CX or the survey, please contact Joyce Villalobos at joyce.villalobos@phd.sccgov.org.