Mission Statement

Northern California’s SOPHE is committed to the professional development and advancement of public health professionals, via networking and enrichment opportunities that contribute towards their empowerment and leadership qualities. These skills are demonstrated through health education, advocacy, social justice, program development and community organizing.


  • Provide and facilitate open lines of communication so that current public health trends can be shared thru an extensive network of resources that will encompass a global perspective.
  • Unite educators who share a vision of eliminating health disparities through public health education/promotion and committed to promoting/sustaining healthy communities.
  • Serve as a bridge and outlet to National SOPHE through attendance, engagement and membership; disseminate and make available SOPHE information, resources and opportunities to chapter members.


  • Healthy lives through knowledge, involvement, education, promotion and practice.
  • Demonstrating integrity, accountability and transparency amongst the membership while embracing diversity, promoting teamwork & collaboration and encouraging innovation.
  • A healthy world through health education.


  • Provide monthly trainings, professional development activities and social support events to health educators within Northern California.
  • Highlight groundbreaking work being conducted by colleagues in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Serve as intermediaries of CHES credits between event sponsors and health educators.


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