The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – National Civic League Health Equity Award

Monday, March 09, 2020

The Award recognizes individuals working to improve health equity. Winners receive a $3,000 prize, national recognition and are invited to be part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Equity Network.  The National Civic League will be accepting applications for the Award untilFriday, April 3rd. 

I would imagine that many of your local partners or those in your network are doing incredible work around health equity and may be interested in this Award. If you think it is appropriate, I would be grateful if you could share information (see below) about the Award and how they can apply with those you think might be interested.  Would you please consider sharing this announcement on your social media platforms as well? We want to ensure that as many people as possible have a chance to apply for and win the Award. 

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – National Civic League Health Equity Award

The Award recognizes and honors individuals that have successfully implemented a systems change approach that leverages engagement to improve health outcomes for those most impacted by health disparities. It often takes a community or multiple groups to bring about systemic change. This Award celebrates those individuals who are leading the charge in helping to create a culture of health in their communities.

In addition to a $3,000 prize (to be spent in whatever way the winner wishes), winners will receive national recognition at the National Civic League’s annual All-America City Award event and an invitation to participate in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s yearly Health Equity Award annual learning and recognition event

Any questions can be directed to NCL’s Civic Engagement Program Director Keiva Hummel athealthequity@ncl.org. For more information interested applicants can visit our site:https://www.nationalcivicleague.org/the-leagues-health-equity-award/.