Suicide Prevention Policies to Gov. Brown

Monday, September 17, 2018

From our Community Partner:



https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/index.php. In the section "PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT," scroll to and select the appropriate bill number, e.g., AB 1436. Your message should be brief, indicating that the bill is needed and will be beneficial in preventing suicide or improving mental health treatment.
AB 1436 (Levine) Clinician Suicide Prevention Training: Requires six hours of suicide assessment and intervention training for clinicians licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. (The passage of AB 1436 has been worked on since 2013. One key to the current effort is that the licensing body, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, unanimously voted to support this legislation prior to hearings.)
AB2639 (Berman) Pupil Suicide Prevention Policies: California Department of Education is to identify one or more evidence-based suicide prevention trainings that county offices of education would disseminate to LEAs. Funding would be from annual Budget Act or another statutes appropriation. (Governor Brown added funds to this year's budget to pay for this training.)
SB 972 (Portantino) Student Identification Cards - Suicide Prevention Telephone Number: High school or university/college student identification cards will include numbers for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Crisis Text and local non-emergency (if no campus police or security number is available).
SB 906 (Beall/Anderson) Peer Support Specialist Certification: This would set up a certification requirement for mental health peer providers. Research demonstrates that use of qualified peer support specialists has measurable benefits to clients.