Santa Clara County Webinar--Community Mobile Response Program

Thursday, January 14, 2021

From Santa Clara County: 

This is a friendly reminder of our virtual event for new community mobile response program in Santa Clara County for the Chinese/Chinese American Community on Friday, January 15, 2021 at 12:00 noon. 


The County of Santa Clara has been planning for a new community mobile response (CMR) program, which is different than the current mobile crisis team. Under this stage of development, the County wants to share about the idea of this program and also hear from community partners and friends like you for this project. Therefore, Behavioral Health Services Department of the County is gladly to host a 2nd virtual meeting event for the Chinese/Chinese Americans as the following:


Date: Friday, January 15, 2021

Time: 12:00 noon

Platform: Zoom Virtual Meeting Link


 Meeting ID: 983 6927 8414

Passcode: 230567


You may have question of what the new community mobile response program is about. Here is an overview of the new CMR program:


The new Community Mobile Response (CMR) Program will expand the County of Santa Clara’s mobile crisis response to individuals and families by adopting a community model that uses mental health peer support workers, people with lived experience, social workers/clinicians, and emergency medical support. To date, innovative ideas proposed for this project include a family involvement component, a prevention-focused program easily accessible through a trusted community phone line, and designing/creating trauma-informed mobile response vehicles for the program.


We want to hear from clients/consumers of county behavioral health services and their family members. The County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services Department, in partnership with the Behavioral Health Contractors’ Association of Santa Clara County (BHCA), has convened planning input sessions to obtain input on the programmatic elements of the new program, such as the call center design, phone number, composition of the CMR team, the design-interior/exterior of the trauma-informed response vehicles, and the extent of the family involvement/loved one’s involvement for this program.


 Please also encourage and forward this message to your organization partners, school administrators, teachers, counselors, service workers, service recipients, family members, friends, and anyone who is interested in or passionate about helping the community of mental health problems and/or destigmatize mental illness within the Chinese/Chinese American Community to participate in this meeting. Please kindly spread the news within your Chinese/Chinese American circles! Your comment and feedback is vital to the success of moving forward to the development of this new community mobile response program. This meeting will be predominantly delivered in English and Cantonese/Mandarin interpretation will be provided if needed.