Webinar: Marijuana-Focused Media Campaigns

 Aug 27, 2018



Join us for Part 4 of the Marijuana Policy Webinar Series: Marijuana-Focused Media Campaigns Tuesday, September 18 | 2:30-4:00pm ET Marijuana-focused mass media campaigns of the past focused solely on discouraging initiation and ongoing use. However, with a growing number of states legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use, both the messaging and tone of campaigns has changed.Join us for the fourth RTI Case Studies in Marijuana Policy webinar to learn about the marijuana-focused mass media campaigns of Colorado, Washington and Oregon. The 1.5 hour-long webinar (with Q&A) will be moderated by RTI expert Jane Allen.We will discuss: How states allocate funding for marijuana-focused campaigns Campaign audiences, and how communication goals differ by audience Use of formative research to develop messaging, and the degree to which other states can build from this body of work Factors influencing media channels What is known ab ..

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