Bookshop Santa Cruz-Author Signing!

Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Bookshop Santa Cruz welcomes acclaimed and best-selling children's book author Eve Bunting for a reading and signing of her new picture book, Little Yellow Truck.
Ever feel too small, not adequate enough, or worried about what role you play in an important task? Little Yellow Truck did too. As lumberyard owner Riley gears up for a busy day and a new project, he assigns tasks to his many trucks. A dump truck, a flatbed truck, a concrete mixer, and a little yellow truck all stand by ready to help. From hauling trash to pouring concrete, one by one they are all assigned tasks, except for Little Yellow Truck. Is there nothing he can do to help?
Eve Bunting has written over 250 children’s books, winning numerous awards and honors. One day, as she was passing a builder’s yard, she saw several large trucks—and one little yellow truck, all by itself among the big guys. “I’m going to write a story about that little truck”, she thought, “and I’ll show that it’s important, too.” Sometimes that is how story ideas originate. Her books include Ghost Cat and Mr. Goat’s Valentine. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.