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Scholar Corner

Health Promotion Practice Seeks Editors

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Health Promotion Practice

Seeks Associate Editors
for New Commentary Sections
Deadline August 4, 2014

Health Promotion Practice (HPP), an official journal of the Society for Public Health Education, is undergoing changes and creating three new commentary sections -
Tools of the Trade, Career Development, and Book & Media Review.  These commentaries will include points of view, interviews, reviews, and invited or solicited papers. We are looking for enthusiastic health professionals to edit the following three commentary sections:

Tools of the Trade will include commentaries on a variety of topics including (but not limited to):  global health, ethics, policy, social media, evaluation, etc.  The format is flexible - ranging from essays, interviews, or the traditional Tools of the Trade format.

Career Development provides practical information to advance our readers' professional careers. This column will highlight issues that span one's career - from undergraduate/graduate preparation through continuing education.

Book & Media Review will evaluate books, CD-ROMs, DVDs, software, websites, and other wide-ranging resources for health promotion professionals.

Associate Editors work in small teams to develop ideas and solicit content for multiple submissions per year.   Associate Editors are also responsible for participating in occasional Editorial Board conference calls, attending the annual HPP Editors meeting at the SOPHE Annual Meeting (Note: Travel expenses are not provided), and submitting a report at the annual editors meeting on their respective sections. The Associate Editors may be called upon to advise the Editor and other Associate Editors on journal strategic and business issues as needed. Finally, they occasionally may be asked to serve as a reviewer or provide recommendations for potential reviewers of manuscripts. The length of appointment is two or three (3) years, with one potential renewable term.

Submit a Nomination by August 4, 2014:
SOPHE members are encouraged to nominate themselves or encourage colleagues to apply (must be currently a National SOPHE member or willing to become one, if selected) for these positions. The applicant must submit a brief (two paragraph) statement that describes his/her qualifications and why he/she is interested in serving as an Associate Editor, a CV, and one writing sample (20 pages or less) to Melissa Grim ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -Culture of Health Prize

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) 2015 Culture of Health Prize is awarded annually to honor outstanding community efforts and partnerships that are helping people live healthier lives. Winning communities will each receive a $25,000 cash prize and have their accomplishments celebrated and shared broadly with the goal of raising awareness and inspiring locally-driven change across the country.


Alzheimer Update

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Today, at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC), new research from Germany and the United States -- as well as an analysis of previously published studies -- shows that the age-specific incidence rates of dementia (and in some cases. prevalence of dementia) have declined, at least among whites in higher-income countries. Researchers speculate that this decrease is the result of improvements in two key risk factors associated with dementia: levels of education, and cardiovascular disease and risk. But, this all comes with a cautionary note: the trends could reverse in the near future given the high rates of midlife obesity and diabetes, which are linked to increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

The U.S. study examined data from the Framingham heart study -- an ongoing, multi-generational cohort study that has existed since 1948. It looked at the five-year dementia incidence among those aged 60 and older in four different "epochs" -- one from each decade since the 1970s. Compared to that first epoch, the incidence of dementia declined 17 percent in the 1980s epoch, 32 percent in the 1990s epoch, and 42 percent in the 2000s epoch. During this same period of time, researchers found that study participants had substantial improvement in educational attainment; better management of blood pressure; higher levels of HDL cholesterol (the "good cholesterol"); and a considerable decline in smoking, heart disease, and stroke. Lead author Dr. Claudia Satizabal of the Boston University School of Medicine noted, "Primary prevention might offer the key to prevent some cases of dementia or at least delay the clinical onset of dementia."

There are a couple of cautionary notes:

The Framingham sample is largely white individuals, meaning that the same trend of declining dementia incidence may not be true across other racial and ethnic groups.
The dramatic increase in midlife obesity and diabetes may halt -- and could even potentially reverse -- this trend when today's middle-aged Americans reach the age of greater risk of developing Alzheimer's and other dementias.
While age-specific incidence rates, at least among whites, may have declined, prevalence -- the total number of people with the disease -- is still projected to increase because of the aging of the large baby boom generation.
From a public health perspective, the growing Alzheimer's prevalence indicates that the burden of the disease on American society will continue to increase. But, the incidence data discussed today at AAIC show that public health action to promote healthy lifestyles could potentially reduce that burden.


SOPHE Internship Program

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Student Internship Program

SOPHE interns can expect to work on a variety of projects and tasks related to advocacy, program planning, communications planning/outreach, research, conference planning, fundraising, chapter development, and other administrative responsibilities related to Public Health.

Upon acceptance, a scope of work is tailored to each intern’s expertise and aligns with SOPHE's mission and Strategic Plan.

Read more about SOPHE's Internship Program here (PDF).
How to Apply: All applicants must submit:

SOPHE Internship Application (PDF)
Cover Letter
Current Resume
Personal Statement
2 References (Name and Contact Information)

The application and all requested materials must be submitted together. Full applications should be sent to:

SOPHE Internship Program
10 G Street, NE, Suite 605
Washington, DC 20002

Last Updated on Saturday, 14 June 2014 20:00

Anthology Readings

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It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of the Pitzer College 50th Anniversary Engaged Faculty Collection: Community Engagement and Activist Scholarship! This Anthology features some of Pitzer College's most beloved and radical professors offering powerful analysis and critical reflections on the scholarship of engagement and community-based education. The chapters cover a diverse range of social issues and community partnerships -- Please pass this around to other scholars and activists interested in social change work through community engagement. And please let us know what you think!

You can find this digital book by following the link:

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