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Northern California Society of Public Health Educators

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

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Chocolate Coated Memory: Taste is Not the Only Benefit
As a registered nurse, experienced clinical researcher and 10 years as a Master Chocolatier, I was skeptical of health claims regarding chocolate. I had...

11 Feb 2015 
5:34 PM CT


Stomach Pain Life Threatening for PWS Patients?

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Stomach pain can be life threatening for patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome
0 responses in this thread Christopher...

14 Feb 2015 
7:43 AM CT


100 Things You Can Do with a Nursing Career

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Community health


100 Things You Can Do With A Nursing Career
Below is a list of 100 things you can do with a any number of different types of nursing degree. Some of these positions do require specializations and...

11 Feb 2015 
7:29 PM CT


California Department of Public Health: Ongoing Civil Service Exams for Health Education Consultant Classifications

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The California Department of Public Health announces ongoing civil service exams for Health Education Consultant I and Health Education Consultant II classifications. The exam bulletin is here:

The exam application submission deadlines are as follows:  March 2nd, June 2nd, September 2nd, and December 2nd.


To be able to interview for a state position, applicants must first complete the exam application and successfully be placed on a civil service list; then they will be sent notices for vacancies with CDPH they are eligible to apply for.  More information at:

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