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Northern California Society of Public Health Educators

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Our Nyswander Lecturer, Dr. Camara Jones.


The Nyswander Lecture, Thursday, February 24, 7 - 9 p.m.
Achieving Health Equity: Frameworks and Tools for Dismantling Racism and Other Systems of Oppression

This event is free and everyone is welcome. Please bring your colleagues, friends, and family - and help us spread the word! The lecture will be held in Morris Daily Auditorium on our campus....join us at 6 for a reception and to meet Dr. Jones before the lecture.

A Master Class/Workshop, Thursday, 2/24, 10 - 2 on the SJSU campus

Data, Storytelling, and Social Change: Communicating Systems of Oppression and Change in Ways People Understand

Dr. Jones is developing this workshop just for us and at our request! Lunch is included in the price: $10 for students, sliding scale for alumni beginning at $25. To reserve your place, send me an email directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The workshop is open to the first 20 people who register.

An African American Leadership Luncheon, Friday, 2/25, 11 - 2 on the SJSU campus

This is an opportunity for African American students and alumni of our department to meet with Dr. Jones in an open discussion forum. The cost is $10 for students, sliding scale for alumni beginning at $25. To reserve your place, send me an email directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Deadline for luncheon reservations is Friday, February 18.

I hope you will join us for a glorious celebration of the power of public health, the vision of Dorothy Nyswander, and the courage and inspiration of Dr. Camara Jones.

Kathleen Roe, DrPH, MPH
Chair, Health Science Department
San Jose State University

Harvesting Justice

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Harvesting Justice, People's Grocery's Annual Fundraising Brunch, will take place on February 27, 2011. We're planning a great event with delicious food and another great program like those we have had in the past.

Come join us for a morning of performances, inspiring words from food justice leaders, delicious food from local farms and more.

Interested in attending or being a Table Captain?* Click here to RSVP.

EVENT: Harvesting Justice Brunch and Fundraiser

WHEN: February 27, 2011; 10:30 am - 12:30pm

WHERE: Pauley Ballroom at UC Berkeley (2475 Bancroft Way, 94704)

WHO: Speaker: Raj Patel, author and activist. Performance by Amara Tabor Smith and Deep Water Dance Collective.

HONORING: Unnatural Causes, Is Inequality Making Us Sick?, the groundbreaking documentary series and media project from California Newsreel.

TICKETS: Harvesting Justice is a free fundraising event. There is no cost to attend. Guests must register to attend.

WHAT: Performances, a food justice program, and a community meal - all to support People's Grocery's programs.

*Table Captains are the backbone of the Harvesting Justice event. Each Table Captain is responsible for a table of 9 guests who will attend Harvesting Justice. Table Captains invite their friends, register their reservation (see link above), and help People's Grocery by collecting pledge cards and donations at the end of the program. For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

West Oakland Grocery Store Survey and Statement Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version

NEWS UPDATE: A grocery store might be coming to West Oakland. Foods Co (owned by Kroger) is working with the City of Oakland's Redevelopment Agency to locate a store on the corner of Market and Grand.

Lately, the City of Oakland has been very active on the issue of getting a grocery store to West Oakland NOW. They even approved the use of eminent domain to speed things along (go to Nikki's blog to read all about it).

We want to know: what kind of grocery store do the residents of West Oakland want? Let us know, and take the survey here: West Oakland Grocery Store Survey

Note: Our recent newsletter link to an article about Foods Co by Eric Holt-Gimenez from Food First directs people here. For that article, click here.


5th Annual Nyswander Lecture@SJSU with Camara Jones

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5th Annual Nyswander Lecture

Thursday, February 24, 6 - 9 p.m., Morris Dailey Auditorium

Camara Jones, MD, MPH (!!!)

Research Director on Social Determinants of Health and Equity

Division of Adult and Community Health,

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Jones is the author of the Gardener's Tale - the critical article that explains levels of racism through the analogy of seeds and flower boxes. She is a master storyteller, brilliant scientist, and courageous leader and we are so very lucky to get her to our campus!

We hope that you will attend this exciting event. If you are coming to the lecture, please plan to join us a light dinner reception before the lecture, 6 - 7 p.m. - dressed in business casual because this is a BIg Deal!! The lecture and reception are an excellent opportunity to enjoy the company of other students and faculty, meet and greet alumni and our community partners, and meet Dr. Jones. We guarantee this is a good investment!

We are asking all Health Science instructors to encourage students to attend through extra credit opportunities, coming as a class, and/or building the Gardener's Tale and discussion of the lecture into your course material in February.

But mostly, we hope you all will come! And, as always with HS events like this, your friends and family are welcome. Let them learn what you're learning!

So mark your calendars, press those slacks - and we'll see you there!

CHES credits will be available.

Kathleen Roe


Availability and Access to Physical Activity Webinar

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February 8, 2011 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST

During this free webinar, a panel of experts will provide examples of innovative solutions and interventions that have worked towards im­proving access to physical activity and highlight the importance of the “Built Environment”.

To Register:

Registration Password: Spring2011

Please note – If you are unable to attend this webinar, it will be recorded and available on SOPHE’s Continuing Education Self Study page at:

Last Updated on Monday, 31 January 2011 06:19
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